Tips on Increasing Your Instagram Engagement — By Rikardo de Oliveira

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5 Minutes on Instagram: Tips for Increasing Your Daily Engagement

I’m back with another column giving you an insight into my secrets and the strategies I use to be successful on Instagram!

Every day, as entrepreneurs, we publish and promote our products, with our aim being to gain followers and therefore sell more. But in reality, there are other important elements that are needed to grow your profile on Instagram. One of those is gaining a better understanding of Instagram’s algorithm so that you can understand how to best use the algorithm to amass more views on your posts, and with that, attract a larger audience.

Today I’m going to show you a strategy which will only take up 5 minutes a day of your time. This strategy will help you to better understand how to grow your following every day.

One thing that we often forget is that our followers are not just interested in the content we are producing, rather they are also interested in us as people.

As I often say in my videos, humanisation is so important if you want to have a successful profile. I’ve created several videos about the importance of humanisation, so if you’re interested in that topic, then you can find all of my videos on my YouTube channel, Pérolas de Rikardo.

It’s important to highlight that you should create an atmosphere of communication and trust so that your followers want to stick with you in the long run.

Let’s break the strategy down into sections so that you can have a better understanding of what I want to say.

The first step of this strategy is to know what your relationship with your followers is. One of the best tips I can give to improve your engagement with your followers is that you should always reply to messages that you receive. Always make sure to respond to any questions that people send you via direct message and interact with the people who interact with your content. Be it in the comments section of your posts or by saying hello to your new followers, it’s always important to keep the communication alive. The more, the better! Ask them questions and create a relationship between yourself, your product, and the follower.

One excellent example of this technique is something I always do during my interviews: every day I do Instagram Lives in an interview format at 8pm on my Instagram profile, Pérolas de Rikardo. No matter who I am interviewing, be it singers, artists, influencers or entrepreneurs, I always ask my followers who they would like to see me interview next. That shows my followers that I value their opinion, and with that I know what my followers are interested in and what is important to them.

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Another part of this effective technique is that every time I post something new on my feed, I go back to my previous post and I give every who interacted with my post a like. That makes your followers remember that you exist, and they will go and take another look at your feed, where they will see and engage with your latest post. Don’t sit around and wait for your followers to interact, make sure you interact with them too!

Often when I am working as a mentor to help entrepreneurs to better understand how to use Instagram, I notice that a lot of them will wait until the followers come to them. That’s a huge mistake on their part. Don’t wait for the followers to come to you, you need to go and find the followers yourself.

An essential tip is this: after all of the interviews that I do, be it with an artist or with an entrepreneur who spoke about their product with me, I will always go to my guest’s profile and send around 100 messages to people who follow them. See an example below:

“Hi! I noticed that you follow (name of guest), so I thought you might be interested in checking out my interview with them on Pérolas de Rikardo, which you can watch right now.”

Doing this means that my guest’s followers whom I have messaged will check out my profile, automatically increasing my engagement on that post, as well as my number of followers.

It’s so important to create a good relationship with your followers!

After welcoming a new follower and starting a strong relationship with them, the next step is to create a way to say, “thank you for visiting my profile”. If I notice that someone is consistently engaging with my content, and that they continue to do so on a regular basis, then I will often offer them an hour of Instagram mentoring for free. That shows them that I also want to help them grow alongside me on Instagram, and it shows I appreciate them.

Don’t stop commenting on their posts and replying to their questions — this is essential for a long-lasting relationship.

These are just some of the tips I have for growing your visibility and followers organically on Instagram.

This month, I want to leave my readers with a message: The success of your profile depends solely on you! Everything depends on how you behave daily towards the Instagram platform and its algorithms.

To show that Pérolas de Rikardo wants to help you grow your profile, we are offering the reader ONE HOUR of free mentoring to help you to understand this tool better and to help your posts be more successful, therefore allowing you to sell more every day.

is a Brazilian Instagram influencer and publicist who specialises in helping small businesses grow their following. He also has an events company which runs the Favela Chic and The Wonder events in Bristol, England.

Would you like to share your story or expertise with our readers?
Contact our editor-in-chief, Rafael dos Santos, by clicking

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Rafael dos Santos is the CEO and co-founder of, editor-in-chief of High Profile Magazine and a Forbes business contributor.

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Rafael dos Santos

Rafael dos Santos

Rafael dos Santos is the CEO and co-founder of , editor-in-chief of High Profile Magazine and a Forbes business contributor.

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